Camps with Wilderness Safaris

    Our camps are typically small, intimate safari bases in superb locations, ranging in size from just three units to 20. Here, we want our guests to be immersed in Africa: while lying in bed to hear the roar of the lion, the calling of the frogs, the sigh of the wind. Of paramount importance to us is that our camps have as little impact on the environment as possible.

    In order to satisfy individual needs, we have several classes of accommodation as explained below.

    What Makes Our Camps Different:

    • Wilderness Safaris offers our guests exclusive access to nearly 3 million hectares (7 million acres) of Africa's best wildlife areas.
    • Our camps are situated in exclusive, private areas, offering guests the chance to experience untouched areas far from the madding crowd.
    • Whether travelling as a couple, a family or on your own, our range of properties caters for all guests, from high-end luxury to more affordable options.
    • We have camps and lodges in eight countries across Africa, backed by over 30 years of industry experience.

    How Our Camps Are Classified

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    Premier Camps

    A portfolio of elegant camps found in the best possible areas in Africa and characterised by unashamed (but appropriate and sustainable) luxury. These camps also have an explicit purpose or 'reason for being' and are crafted to be to be relevant to and in harmony with its location. The camps range in size from 3 to 11 individually stylised rooms.
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    Classic Camps

    These camps are designed in traditional safari style and are mostly stylish canvas constructions, often raised off the ground on wooden decks. Located in exceptional wildlife and wilderness areas, all offer superb facilities and accommodation. The camps range in size from 3 to 12 tents.
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    Adventure Camps

    Adventures camps are comprised mainly of thatch and canvas, with generally smaller, more rustic rooms than those of the Premier or Classic camps. Accommodation is extremely comfortable nonetheless, with the larger camps lending themselves to a convivial atmosphere. Camps range in size from 4 to 23 rooms.

    Match Your Preferred Camp Classifications to a Country

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    Are You Struggling to Choose Between the Different Camp Classifications?

    Designing your safari is an important part of your African journey. Given the immense diversity and topography of the continent, it is impossible to see everything in one trip or even a lifetime of return visits. Our in-house team and our specialist partners in the travel trade throughout the world are there to help you design your dream itinerary to maximise your experience.

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