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Linkwasha Camp - December 2017

Dec 28, 2017  |   Linkwasha Camp

Climate and Landscape
Our area’s more-than-welcome summer rains created the perfect backdrop for the circle of life to unfold. “Green Season” saw lush vegetation and new life emerge in abundance, with waddling young antelope easily spotted in the herds, providing an easy target for predators. We saw how two baby impala served as mere snacks for each of the two cheetah brothers. Happily, many new babies quickly adapted to these trials of nature and survived.

Other amazing sightings included a pregnant kudu succumbing to a frightful end wrought by a pack of 15 ravenous wild dogs; on a happier note, a family of guests watched a brand-new baby wildebeest take its first breaths. Makalolo Pan is currently a refuge for a lioness and...

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“We are not just a tourism company bringing in guests. We have a responsibility to help the local community” - Jermain Ketji, Wilderness Safaris’ Community Relations Manager Conservation and community development in Namibia is grounded in tourism partnerships between communities and safari camps that bring expertise, financial means and a desire to add to the landscape in both tangible and...

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